October 11, 2017
Sociology colleges in India

Sociology Graduate? Step into The Corporate World!

By RimTim Staff Writer

A branch of study where the content material is directly applicative to the immediate surroundings – sociology is one of the most widely pursued subjects in the world. As a study of the intercommunication in the social sphere, it is useful in a variety of sectors. Sociology graduate programs with multiple opportunities A Baccalaureate or a Masters Degree holder in... more

August 17, 2017

Psychology Graduate – What Jobs Are Available For You?

By RimTim Staff Writer

Have you ever considered becoming a psychologist? Psychology involves in understanding a patient’s behavior and helping them get over whatever has been troubling them or holding them back from achieving their true potential. Is becoming a psychologist therapist the right choice for you? Let’s investigate. Psychologist in India A psychologist therapist has many job options. She or he can work... more

August 16, 2017

Have Graduated In Psychiatry – What Next?

By RimTim Staff Writer

One of the most challenging and yet satisfying professions is psychiatry. Because of the rapid urbanization and westernization of the Indian society, the amount of stress and emotional trauma that people have to deal with has increased gradually. There is an urgent need for psychiatrists in the country who are capable of helping people to deal with anxiety, depression and... more

August 14, 2017

Career Options for a Fresher in Journalism

By RimTim Staff Writer

Are you are fresher wondering if it makes sense to be a journalist in India? Why not? Media & Entertainment is one of the nation’s fastest growing industries that are expected to be worth Rs. 2,272 billion by 2018. There are a number of wonderful job opportunities for talented journalists in India, with a definite path for rapid career advancement.... more

August 10, 2017
Photography career in India

Fascinated By Photography – What Are The Career Options?

By RimTim Staff Writer

Are you crazy about photography? Do you want to take your passion for the camera to the next level? Are you wondering if you should be looking at the many photography career options that are available to you? Are there any good photography jobs available? Okay, you want to earn a living from photography and don’t know where to get... more

August 8, 2017
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Is Booming – The Related Job Options!

By RimTim Staff Writer

Are you considering a career in digital marketing in India? Then you’ve come to the right place. The very fact that you’re thinking about digital marketing jobs goes to show the changes that have taken place in the country over the last few years. Indeed, very few people would consider digital marketing jobs such as in SEO, content marketing, social... more