July 26, 2017
Sociology Graduates

Opportunities for A Sociology Graduate in The NGO Sector

By RimTim Staff Writer

Sociology graduates have ample opportunities in the NGO sector. They come with a unique skill set to understand the culture, context and social change. While pursuing sociology major, a student learns and unlearns about various units that compose a society. They learn to keenly observe social behavior, critically see and understand social interactions, techniques, knowledge and learns to develop patterns,... more

February 20, 2017
Government job vs private job

Government Job Vs Private Job: Which One Is More Sought After?

By RimTim Staff Writer

“Government Job vs Private Job” – Which of the two is more popular in India? This is a hard question to answer as Indians are not a monolith. While there are many Indians for whom a government job is ultimate, there are also others who are just not interested in such jobs and are far more excited by opportunities in... more