Psychology Graduate – What Jobs Are Available For You?

By RimTim Staff Writer
August 17, 2017

Have you ever considered becoming a psychologist? Psychology involves in understanding a patient’s behavior and helping them get over whatever has been troubling them or holding them back from achieving their true potential. Is becoming a psychologist therapist the right choice for you? Let’s investigate.

Psychologist in India

A psychologist therapist has many job options. She or he can work in hospitals as a counselor. A psychologist therapist could work as a school psychologist to set right behavioral problems in students children. She could work as a psychologist in the corporate sector to motivate employees and to resolve mental blocks that prevent them from putting in their best effort at work. She could work as a social psychologist and try to get a sense of the behavioral trends in the society as a whole.

Psychologists are very methodical about the way they go about their tasks or get things done. They maintain an objective and neutral stance when interacting with their patients and are non-judgmental. They observe the behavior of people from up close and test their reactions to various situations.

How to become a psychologist in India?

In order to become a licensed psychologist in India, you should first pass the 10+2 exam and then do a bachelor’s degree, BA or BS, in psychology, or in a related field such as education or social work.

This should be followed by specialization at the postgraduate level, wherein you can apply to various universities for an MA or MSc in clinical psychology, social work or counselling. Many psychology students study further and undergo specialization at the doctoral level by doing their Ph.D. or MPhil in psychology.

It usually takes 3 years to get the graduate degree, 3 years to get the postgraduate degree and 2 more years to do the MPhil or PhD program. This means you will be in university for at least 8 years when studying to become a full fledged psychologist.

Skills needed to be a psychologist

If you want to be a successful psychologist in India, you need to have the following skills.

  • Analytical skills: You should have a highly analytical mind and should not get judgmental when dealing with people. This is important for making the right diagnosis of patients.
  • Excellent communicator: You should be a very good communicator and should be able to talk to your patients in a very effective manner so that they open up to you and you can get to the root of the problem.
  • Great patience level: You should be blessed with a great deal of patience, and have the ability to remain cool even under pressure. This can prove to be a valuable skill whenever you are dealing with challenging patients.
  • Right mentality: You should have a genuine desire to help people overcome their psychological problems. You should have a feeling of empathy and compassion for your patients.

Earning of a psychologist in India

A psychologist in India typically earns in the range of Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1.2 lakh a month. A fresh clinical psychologist with a PhD or MPhil can expect to make Rs. 30,000 a month. How much a psychologist makes depends on their specialization and expertise. Generally, psychologists that work for private hospitals make much more than those who work in government hospitals.

Working conditions for psychologists

Working conditions for psychologists in India depend on their field of work. As a psychologist, you may work in your own office or may be required to visit hospitals, schools, rehab clinics, prisons and community centers regularly. In any case, you won’t be expected to work for more than 8 to 9 hours a day.

Clinical psychologists are generally very busy as there is a lot of demand for them in India, especially in the metros. Mental health diseases such as depression and anxiety are common in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi, largely because of the rising stress levels at work.

psychologist in India

Expectations from a psychologist in India

The biggest perk you can get in this profession is to be able to help people in their time of desperate need. It gives you a lot of satisfaction when one of your patients gets better and regains full control over their life.

There is certainly a potential to earn big money in this profession. There are some top psychologists that are known to make over Rs. 50 lakhs a year. Psychologists are considered to be highly educated professionals and are generally respected in the society. Their opinion is sought after by the media on various social issues of concern.

Challenges for a psychologist in India

It takes at least 8 years spent in the University before you can start as a psychologist. Just a bachelor’s degree won’t be enough. So you will be 26 or 27 years of age by the time you are ready to get started in this profession. That’s a long time indeed.

The work can be mentally draining and emotionally exhausting as you will be dealing with a lot of desperate people, who are usually very sad and depressed. You can pick up feelings of guilt and sometimes feel dejected because of your inability to help a patient.

Different types of jobs available inthe field of psychology

As a psychologist, you can aspire to join any of the following streams of the profession.

  • Clinical psychology: It is the job of a clinical psychologist or psychologist therapist to treat people suffering from serious psychological problems. They deal with people of all age groups and sections of the population.
  • Counselling psychology: As a counselling psychologist, your role is to focus on individuals with adjustment issues and not so much on those suffering from severe psychological disorders. You could work as an in-house counsellor in schools, colleges, IT companies, MNCs, etc.
  • Health psychology: As a health psychologist, your job is helping people get over their addiction to smoking, drugs or alcohol, help them focus on their weight loss goals, deal with stress at the workplace better and so on.
  • Teaching and research: If you have a Ph.D. in psychology, you can take up a teaching job and train aspiring psychology students in a college or university.
  • Sports psychology: Sports psychologists are in great demand because of the rise of professionalism in sports. It is their job to work with athletes, motivate them, and address the psychological factors that prevent them from performing well at the highest level.
  • School psychology: School psychologists work with children and help solve the psychological issues they are facing in school that prevents them from doing their best.
  • Social work: Social work is another popular option for psychologists. In this case, you will be working as a therapist in rehab facilities for drug and alcohol addiction, community centres and hold workshops for poor and underprivileged people living in slums, villages and other neglected areas.

So do you think you have it in you to become a psychologist therapist? Do tell us!