Guwahati: Becoming A City Of Choice For Younger Generation Job Seekers

By RimTim Staff Writer
June 27, 2016

Guwahati city is the trade hub of Northeast India. It is the largest city in the entire region and a major commercial zone. With records and recommendations spewing in significant platforms,the megalopolitan is one of the fastest growing cities of the country as well as the world.

Such testimonials have rendered Guwahati as the center of attention of many big businesses and companies. Even decades ago, several reputed businessmen had already seen the potential of this major business hub.Setting up offices in the city as early as then, their present day occupancy is nothing short of a business empire. They have also spread into the other regions of Northeast India.

Following the lead of such giants, many other industries have also started coming in. Large multinational companies have recently started offices in the city, with a promising future of expansion. This has succeeded in attracting thousands of youngsters from all parts of the country in the hopes of a livelihood.

Job attraction in Guwahati

With the onset of the digital era since the early 2000s, reputed software companies have started coming into the city in order to use the immense potential it offers. As a result, the number of job seekers in Guwahati has also increased.

Up until a few years ago, the number job vacancies in Guwahati were very low compared to the number of candidates. This led to hundreds of fresh graduates leaving the city to seek employment in large metropolitans like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. This was an era when casual afternoon conversations between neighborhood women brought up enquiries about children working or studying “outside”.

Fortunately, Guwahati is slowly making progress and starting to witness its own ‘job-culture’ era. Now we see people coming in from other places seeking jobs in this humble yet ambitious young city. Both full and part time jobs in Guwahati are in high demand.

People from different parts of Assam, the nearby states as well as the rest of India have started coming in to Guwahati in search of jobs. With large companies rapidly opening branches in the metropolis, the search for the rightful candidates is fruitful.

Current marketplace

As per Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India reports on State wise list of Active Companies, there were 4962 companies functioning in the state of Assam as on 31 August 2014.

Many large multinational companies are starting up headquarters in the city.

  • With the opening of the TCS training center in the city, many engineering and other technical graduates have found salvation in terms of job search. TCS is a major hirer during the placement sessions of the engineering colleges of the region. The presence of a training center in the city is favorable for both parties.
  • Another reputed MNC that has ventured into the job sector in Guwahati< is IBM. The company has collaborated with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati to seek out able and qualified youngsters from the region and channelize their potential towards development of the nation. IBM was ranked the 7th Most Valuable Brand in the World by Forbes.
  • Reliance Communications has their regional headquarters in the city. It has a large number of customers in the area and has been continuously expanding its services through hiring potential candidates on the city and also other places around the city.
  • There are several other companies having offices in the city. They include Microsoft, Procter and Gamble, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. These companies are new in the city and is expanding their operation through hiring deserved candidates.

Jobs in Guwahati

Government Jobs

The government job sector in Guwahati is also developing rapidly. The state and central governments have taken several initiatives for the generation of employment opportunities for the local youth.

Examinations and interviews are held once or twice each year and many able candidates are selected for service. The government jobs, contractual or otherwise, are highly sought after. The selection process is rigorous, thus ensuring that only the best are chosen. The most popular government jobs in Assam which every graduate sought after are Assam Civil Service (ACS), Assam Judicial Service (AJS), Assam Public Service Commission (APSC), Oil India jobs, Bank jobs etc.

Local vigor

Apart from the foreign companies, many new local ventures are also starting in the city. Youngsters are coming up with exceptional ideas. The government has introduced many schemes to provide loans for such propositions. Several successful establishments are erupting all over the city. Rupali Parda by IBM ex-employee, Sanjeev Sharma is gaining its popularity in the entertainment industry of Assam.Arohan Foods is possibly the only venture capital funded venture in the northeast and its three founders, gave up careers in Mumbai to head for Guwahati. “It made no sense being in a large city for our business; we wanted to be close to the source,” says Goswami, who co-founded the branded pork venture five years ago.

Presently, there are 11 start ups which is gaining popularity in the city and is attracting lots of customers and job opportunities for the locals through their services.

Life in the city for job seekers and employed

  • Guwahati is a job center of choice because of the friendly nature of the dwellers.
  • The weather is comfortable with occasional rain to cool down whatever a ruthlessly hot day had boiled up.
  • With city buses, auto rickshaws, trekkers, and cab services opening up, getting around is easy.
  • Living costs are nominal. House rents and travel costs are much cheaper than most major metropolitan cities of the country.
  • The people are very friendly and welcoming. So negotiating with the landlord for the rent is not a hassle.

Also, if you are single and looking for a place to live, your landlords are sure to treat you like a member of their own family. Occasional homemade meals, birthday parties and religious festivities bring good times! Life is comfortable, much like home. Other living situations include the abundant hostels, paying guests and messes found in all corners of the city.

Thus the city is flourishing in the field of employment. With the hard work of the citizens, especially the young people, the city is becoming one of the most economically affluent places in the near future.

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